Thursday, February 5, 2009

Paper Doll

I had to share this with you! I made her for Valentines Day for my mom! The only thing I did was cut off that thumb and place it up on the hand so it looks like she is actually holding the flowers!! This was done with the Cricut Expression, Paper Doll Dress Up!

Iris Folding

This was my first attempt at Iris Folding, I wasn't going to post it but decided to anyway to share with you some tips and tricks I used and what not to do as well. If you look at the glitter around the heart you can see it's kinda messy looking, well, I fixed that by using my bone folder around it and cleaning it up when it was dry, so now it looks like a neat outline!! Also, if you look at the top of this heart, I went down to far with the 7th fold, the top one, all the folds at the top should be meeting at a point, so it should be moved up. I really like Iris Folding, you can find tons of free patterns on the web!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is what I did to the card I made in the video, I didn't do anything to the inside yet and I'm not sure I'm going to.